The members and founders of Nuclearity are truly gracious and pleased to be announcing our new updated website and to share our vision of unifying families as a whole. The founders of Nuclearity include Dan Sikes, Steve Bower, Rachel McDaniels  and Melissa Corey. Dan Sikes has been servicing the community of Allen since 1995 and has been a particular advocate of healing past family wounds. He is truly passionate because of his own past hurts that he experienced as a child. At the age of twelve, Dan was unfortunately involved in a scuffle with his abusive and intoxicated father. Dan as a young man was bruised to his core during the aftermath and grew up as a hardened young man who had much resentment.

Dan soon began to be involved with the street gangs and partook in a hardened lifestyle which included drugs, alcohol and crime. At the age of twenty one, he was on a road of destruction and was put in the Dallas County jail for robbing a man. In Jail, a Chaplain by the name of John Davis came to visit Dan to tell him about the gospel and how God loved him. Of course, Dan wanted to have nothing to do with this man and especially the God that supposedly loved him.

It took several visits for Dan to start realizing that this man really meant to help and soon began to open up. Dan was shaken by the love that this man poured out to him and soon became good friends with John coming by every week to visit. Dan even started looking forward to their talks about life and eagerly awaited every Sunday afternoon for this Chaplain to come by. One Sunday afternoon, Dan noticed that John was running late and thought that was odd because he usually arrived exactly on time.

It was a devastating when Dan heard that the reason John was not coming today, was that he had been in a car accident. He also found out soon after that John passed away on his way to the hospital. John was such a loving man and became the father figure that Dan never knew. At this point in life, Dan was confused about life more than ever and was tormented with depression daily. He hated his life more than ever and attempted to commit suicide on several occasions however failed each time.

On the week before Christmas Eve, Dan was visited by a young lady about his age and was perplexed why she was asking for him. The young lady mentioned that her name was Marcia and that her father was the Chaplain that would visit every Sunday. Of course, Dan was shocked! Marcia also explained how her father was very fond of Dan and that he reminded him of his late son Edward. Edward was killed in a drug related shooting, which devastated John. She explained how her father was always trying to help her brother get cleaned and live a better life.

Marcia told Dan that during the ambulance ride to the hospital, John before he passed away mentioned to tell Dan that he loved him and to not give up. He also told her to tell Dan that he is going to Heaven and will be praying for him there as well. After hearing this story, Dan sobbed uncontrollably. He deeply loved John as his own father and was deepened with grief that he was gone. After Marcia left, Dan that night moved to his core prayed for the first time and gave his life to Christ.

Dan continue to serve his time in jail however this time he was on fire to share the love that John once shared with him. He began leading a men’s bible study group and would be a listening ear to whomever wanted to talk. Dan became to be known as “The Man on Fire.” He was on fire for God and for people. He wanted to help everybody he came in contact with.

After his sentence Dan and Marcia started courting and soon became deeply in love. Marcia would have never thought that this was the same man she visited in jail. Before long, Marcia and Dan were married and have never looked back! Dan and Marcia soon decided to follow in John’s footsteps and created an organization which helps troubled families cope with life issues. They help families struggling through poverty, depression and hurt. The Nuclearity family has partnered with Towing Plano Tx who offers the families and members of Nuclearity free roadside assistance and funds the annual toy drive for children each Christmas!

The Founders of Nuclearity are looking forward to assisting each lovely family we come in contact with and hope to bring back joy in the lives of those going through some tough times. Please feel free to contact us at our email address:admin@nuclearity.org

Thank you everyone and we look forward to serving you!